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Midway D-day landings
Remember the Battle of Midway!   On June 04, 1942, the vastly outnumbered and outgunned American Pacific Fleet defeated the Japanese Imperial Navy. The American Pacific Fleet killed 3,057 Japanese and sunk 4 Japanese aircraft carriers while losing just 1 of their own. This incredible victory turned the tide of the Pacific war.   Americans killed: 340.
Remember the Normandy D-Day Landings!   On June 06, 1944, Americans, British and Canadians landed on 5 beaches in Normandy, France. They encountered fierce and determined German resistance. Nevertheless, all 5 beachheads were secured. This marked the beginning of the end for Germany's Third Reich.   Americans killed: 2,499.   Americans, British and Canadians killed: 4,414.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Delivers D-Day Prayer. 2024 marks 80 years since D-Day.

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RBT is an Independent, Fundamental, Missionary and KJV Bible believing Baptist Church.
We are committed to worshiping and uplifting Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Lord.

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Sunday School 10:00 AM Morning Service 11:00 AM
Evening Service   6:00 PM Wednesday Service   7:00 PM
Jubilee Service - Monthly on the 2nd Friday   7:00 PM
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