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Pastor Barry Rackley

Pastor Barry Rackley, was born January 1, 1961. He was born again January 20, 1981, in an old fashion revival lasting seven weeks. The revival's results continue to this present day. Pastor Rackley surrendered to the call of God to preach the gospel on Februrary 2, 1981, and preached his first message on Sunday night Februrary 8, 1981. He graduated from Tabernacle Baptist Bible College (Greenville, South Carolina), in 1985. Pastor Barry Rackley married his one and only wife, Elisha, on April 25, 1986. He has been preaching for over 35 years in many states and other countries. Pastor Rackley has been pastoring his second church, RBT, since 1992.
We are blessed to have Bro. Barry Rackley as our Pastor! He is a thoughtful, dedicated man of God who is receptive to God's leadership. Pastor Rackley takes a strong and uncompromising stand for the Bible (KJV) as the Word of God. He also strongly believes in Jesus Christ as God manifested in the flesh and the only hope of salvation and heaven. Go to Pastor's Preaching for an archive of Pastor Rackley's preaching. Please feel free to listen to his messages, then download them to share with others. This helps us to spread the Word of God.

Barry Rackley Rackley family
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